MHS Student Union

We the Students of manatee high school

Declaration of the Rights of Students

We the Students declare Independence from the control of the School Board and School Administration. We recognize that all men and women are born equal with the Natural Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; thus, We the Students believe these rights are to be guaranteed to all humankind – regardless of race, gender, religion, and age.

We the Students are obligated to fulfill the Duty to guarantee these rights through Student Involvement in Student Relations between the Student Body and the School Administrator through the Democratic Process. The School is to establish an organization to monitor these Student Relations; and to protect the Student Government from external forces as well as the School Administration and School Board itself.

If the School does not achieve the end of Student Democracy, and takes on an authoritarian relationship with the Student Body, We the Students have the Right to continue self-government in the Spirit of Solidarity and Civic Responsibility. We the students recognize that age does not establish the Right to Democratic Participation; for only humanity, possess by all men and women of all ages, establishes these Natural Rights given to us solely by our humanity. We the Students recognize these rights as natural, not granted by the whim of a School Administration or School Board.

However, when the Student Body is dismissed as an independent functioning entity and distinguished as a subject to the authority of the School Administration and School Board, as it is with the present day, the Students have the Right, as well as the natural Duty, to create a self-governing organization independent of the authority of the School Administration and the School Board. With this organization created, the Students may organize, assemble, and petition both the School administration and School Board for a redress of Grievances – as justified under the United States Constitution as a basic human right, for We the Students are humans, too.

If these Grievances are go unaddressed We the Students possess the Right to the Democratic Processes guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of American to petition the Government at both State and Federal levels. The School Administration and School Board possesses no legitimate authority to bar We the Students from exercising these Rights – and if such an attempt is made, We the Students may take advantage of the Human Right to Civil Disobedience for We the Students recognize a good man does not obey bad laws.

Therefore, in order to establish peaceful and co-operative relations between We the Students, for we are recognized as a sovereign entity independent of all authority but our own, and the School Administration and School Board. We the Students, as a result of the repression of Democratic Rights guaranteed by our Humanity on the basis of a legal and illegitimate hierarchy of age, declare the formation of a Student Union.

The goals of this Union shall be to:

Petition a redress of Grievances brought about by a repression of rights with the justification of authoritarian Relations.

Act as a Liaison between the Student Body and the School Administration.

Ensure the persistence of the Democratic Process and Republican structure as well as the protection of the Rights of Humanity for all Students.

Reform the behavior of Students, address problems democratically, and offer solutions to the School Administration and School Board.

Finally, this Student Union shall recognize the rights of We the Students to practice Democracy solely by the consent of our fellow students. No required consent from the School Administration and/or School Board shall be necessary because if adults have the right to Self-Governance, then adolescents should share these Inalienable Rights as well.

Therefore, We the Students, independent of the any authority, entering into a relationship as a social contract between Student and Public Official, having the right to cede from the contract upon voluntary will, hereto declare the creation of a Student Union at Manatee High School.

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